BOWA 公司在世界范围内为各类工业制造型企业提供咨询和技术支持服务,包括项目中期的重组、规划 方案设计和实施项目.

bowa advises and supports large industrial companies throughout the world together with small and medium size enterprises in restructuring, planning, conception and implementing the projects.

Our clients come from the areas of production and logistics, focusing on industrial production areas, such as : mechanical engineering ,automotive, hydraulic, production assembly and metal working etc.

Our clients have the greatest trust in our work from design & planning to the successful implementation of projects developed by us. We couple our theoretical knowledge with a pragmatism and a wealth of experience in the service of our clients. Efficacy and sustainability of the results are measurable, to bring in high-quality products, low-production cost and continuous development for our enterprises.

We would be delighted to contribute our experience to your company.

yuanbo Zhao, General Manager of bowa-(Xi’an) automation Co., Ltd
赵渊博 博瓦西安的总经理

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We explore projects in Chinese market of those enterprises from Chinese or international together with our Chinese company bowa-(Xi’an) automation Co., Ltd.
Please contact us or our Chinese company.